2018 - Voila! Beautiful skin

It's the time of the year again! When we're making plans, setting goals, and oh so motivated to fulfil each one of them.

Hit the gym | Eat healthy | Quit smoking | Smile more | CARPE DIEM

-- unconsciously focusing on health and wellness - the one thing we usually take for granted all year, ouch!

Why yes, we should all aim for the fit and fab us because when we do, we are taking control of our health. And while we look after what we make our bodies take, we should also reassess what we feed our skin.

"Studies have found that matching

a good skin care regimen with a healthy lifestyle

is the best way to slow the signs of aging.

Win-win right? So on top of drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, giving up the cigs, eating your greens, if you use the right products, your skin will be its most beautiful for long.

Oh, and if you're trying to revamp your skin care regimen just in time for the new year, take note of these:

1. Wash your face before going to bed

This is probably a no-brainer to some. Aside from washing away the dirt, dust, and grime that your face accumulated through out the day, doing so primes your skin for the repairs it does at night. Plus, your skin care products can be absorbed better on a clean skin. As a matter of factly, "a well-hydrated, clean face before you go to bed will give your skin a chance to renew." Mario Badescu

Opt for products that are all natural and organic so they don't strip off the natural oils and microflora on your face.

So Matte Love and Dew it with Love Cleanser from Voila!

2. Wear sunscreen

Commit to applying daily for sun protection and to prevent premature skin aging and other skin damage including skin cancer. Be wary of the potential environmental impact though. While there are many brands we can readily purchase, opt for the eco-friendly ones; sunscreens that are safe, non-toxic, and easy on your skin and the environment.

3. Remove makeup

You're exhausted from an action-packed day and the last thing you want to do is complete the step-by-step skin care you are tasked to do for your skin because removing make-up basically requires as much effort as putting them (maybe even more). So unless you're okay with the possibility of clogged pores and blemishes,

Remove makeup - cleanse - tone - moisturize - serum

Oh boy! But why bother if there's one product that can do all of that!

Post Party Beauty | Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

4. Exfoliate

No matter how meticulous your skin care regimen is, you cannot get optimal results if dead skin cells build up on the surface. Exfoliating removes this pile and opens the way for moisturizers and serums to penetrate deeply in your skin. It should be done at least once (dry and sensitive skin) or twice (oily/acne-prone) a week to ensure the pores are clean and unclogged for other products to work better.

Our favorite? The coffee x vco scrub!

5. Consider a skin elixir

Many of us would rather splurge on expensive eye creams and moisturizers than incorporate a serum or a skin elixir in our beauty regimen. FACT. It seems like it's just another consumerism gimmick from the skin care industry. FACT.

Well more often than not, it's because a lot of people don't realize its ability to address and solve a variety of skin concerns including aging, hyperpigmentation, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, etc.

Not everyone knows how everyone can benefit from adding it in their skincare routine, and most importantly, not everyone knows there are certain products you can use in place of one or two or so products and still nourish, hydrate, and restore skin resilience.

Well surprise!

Radiant Beauty | Matte Love | Classic Charm

Although we don't insinuate you ditch your good old eye cream, ordinary face moisturizer, and serum, we honestly think we should all leave that combo in 2017! Would you rather spend on multiple products that restrict you on certain areas than let Mother Nature run its course for your entire face?

6. Toss Old/Expired Products

It's hard to let go of old favorites especially when they come in neat packages and you want to hold on to it forever. However, all cosmetics and skin care products have expiration and once they reach that end, these old items, no matter how exquisite will lose its effectiveness.

If the risk of potential skin irritation and infection is worth the penny you can save by scrimping on your skin care products, suit yourself.

Here's a list of beauty products you should never use past the cosmetic expiration date.

And if you're wondering, Voila makes sure you get the freshest items by formulating products in small batches. All oil based products are good for 6 months to 1 year while those with distilled water in their formulation (diaper spray, baby bubble bath, foaming cleanser and make-up setting spray) are advised to put to use within 2 months.

7. Use Products for your Skin Type -

Too often, a product doesn't work well on our skin because we're using the wrong products not compatible for our type.

The first step in selecting a particular brand and product is knowing which specific type of skin you have and getting familiar with it. It's a must to assess and reassess our skin's needs so that we can choose products that address the skin issue appropriate for our skin profile.

If still unsure, there are skin type test you can take online.

The good news? Voila! now offers convenient shopping by skin type. Check out the site for a range of products suited for your skin.

8. -- and make sure it's good for the environment too

We weren't told that we are actually harming the planet with as simple as using chemical laden commercial products on our skin; and that with as simple as refraining from using them helps big time. Because each time we use such products, we allow the nasty things to pollute the water sewage, destroy the marine life and eventually all of the eco-system without us knowing.

Now, to make you feel even worse, how many skin care products do you use from wake up to down time?

I feel you, we can't help but cling to these "nasties" because they promised to make us feel and look better. But we still can look and be our best without wreaking havoc to our environment. There are myriad of skin care products which promise to take good care of your skin and the Earth. Plus, it would mean so much for your skin and for the environment if you will at least try to switch one or two product at a time.


What a weight on our shoulders, you might think! But with the right brands and products, we’re more likely to do a bang-up job pulling off these beauty resolutions all year round.

And the next thing we know, these good habits have already become a natural part of who we are. Self-improvement, done!

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