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Christmas season is celebrated the longest here in the Philippines. Umamin ka, you thought about it since September kicked in. There's just something about Yuletide that enthralls us Pinoys. Noche Buena, reunions, aguinaldo, get togethers, simbang gabi, vacation, christmas carols, exchange gifts, lights .... what's not to celebrate?

We've been waiting for this for so long and today is officially CHRISTMAS month!! (cue imaginary fireworks)

You blocked your sched for parties, planned your outfits, but wait...

May gifts ka na ba?

While most of us have already started counting down the days since the -ber months, our mañana habit is just too hard to break.

The thing is, finding the ideal Christmas present can already be stressful at this point considering the traffic, sales, and the crowd you have to brave at the malls. So we (Voila) thought we would make gifting easier for you by curating gift sets for the people you love - something functional, something unique, something that can make you and your place smell fantastic, while also enabling you to do something good for the Earth.

The best part? You can get all these in just a few clicks!

We mean it, go ahead and click.

See! Now the only thing you have to think about is your list. But we might have taken care of that too!

Be the best tita or ninang and extend your TLC to the little one with this baby skin gift set. Carefully concocted with the best and finest ingredients, exactly what every mom needs for that calm and delightful pamper sesh.

Lotion? Bar? What? Yep, lotion bar.

Ultra hydrating lotion in solid form so it's convenient, mess-free, and easy to bring anywhere! S/he no longer has to worry about mistakenly stuffing his/her big tube of lotion in the carry on because now she definitely can!

The only thing worst than the whopper-stink one leaves after doing number 2 is the suffocating whiff commercial room deodorizer has which is also pretty toxic by the way.

There's no need to be shy about that anymore because now you can totally mask the stench with an all-natural Poo-Pourri.

It also makes a unique, inexpensive gift as well. Now you can breathe again, quite literally.

Save her skin (and the coral reefs) from trying out chemical-laden products. Expensive or not, most commercial bought items are made of carcinogenic ingredients which could harm her and our planet in the long run.

Do something good for everybody by giving her an eco-friendly alternative.

We all have someone like her; juggling several roles at a time, multi-tasking, and exhausting every bit of energy left in her statuesque body.

The "madaming ganap", "ikaw-na", "modern woman" we adore. Most if not all of her roles require her to doll-up and socialize. As if that's not draining enough, she has to fulfill her skin duties after a long, tiring, action-packed day. Save her from the hassle and gift her extra minutes by letting her use a one-step skin care solution.

Makeup remover - cleanser - toner - moisturizer in one product which means, she can have more time for rest and play.

Every clique, barkada, or "squad goals" has that one friend who goes the extra mile to plan the regular get-togethers. And while we really don't intend to, sometimes the party she planned was just too fun it makes us forget about the effort.

As a sweet gesture, give her a non-toxic disinfectant / deodorizer Room and linen spray for his/her wonderful abode. It makes the most thoughtful gift for anyone especially for the person of the house.

Four available scents that will surely leave a lasting impression.

She thinks she looks like a human submarine in the water, she's always excited and anxious at the same time, and her mood swings are unbelievable. But you know what? She needs your love and care more than ever. With this Belly Butter, you sure are giving her and her growing bump the best of both.

Send lambing to your mom and dad and let them know you care with this ultra hydrating body butter.

It's made with all-natural and organic ingredients so their delicate skin is well-taken care of with the best possible nourishment it needs.

Be the best tita and give her something that reminds her of your love and support at this very overwhelming stage of her life. For the youtube makeup tutorial obsessed niece, this setting spray works like a magic mist to prime-hydrate-set, perfect to lock down her makeup so it lasts all day and night.

Made with all-natural ingredients, it sure does its job flawlessly while nourishing the skin.

He or she, dry or oily, it doesn't really matter. We all need something pure, nurturing, and doting for our skin. Make your s.o. feel special by letting them know you care about them through clear skin and break outs.

Now who sais gift shopping is exhausting?

Looking for something?

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Happy Shopping!

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