So we moisturize our arms, legs, elbows, hands and basically everywhere else but how often do you pay attention to your belly? Just like any other part of your body, it needs love too! 


This one isn't your traditional body butter. The neroli essential oil makes this butter an anti anti-mark application since it is known to aid in lessening the appearance of scars, spots, and after-marks (Read: stretch marks). And with lemon essential oil, you surely are nourishing and hydrating damaged skin with every application. Not only that, this butter also makes a relaxing down time routine since it contains lavender oil too.


And with only the simplest, most natural ingredients, it is safe and effective even with expecting moms!


You can rest assured you’re giving yourself and your bump a soothing touch, just as nature intended.

Belly Butter

  • Store in cool and dry places.